Granular Absorbents

  • Absorb N Dry (CEP_FLAB50)

    Absorb N Dry

    This traditional clay based absorbent is still very cost effective and is ideally suited for industrial plant every day spills. The granular mesh size creates a safe non-slip work area. (50lbs bag)

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  • Cheetah Sorb (CEP_TS20)

    Cheetah Sorb

    Give your oil absorbent "Cheetah Power!" Cheetah Sorb - The Only Industrial Floor Oil Absorbent You'll Need! Many new oil absorbent technologies have come and gone. The #1 reason for market failure is simple: PRICE! Traditional clay based absorbents...

  • Kenaf Organic Absorbent (CEP_KENAF2)

    Kenaf Organic Absorbent

    Kenaf Bio-Sorb granular absorbent has indigenous oil eating microbes that solve many long-term spill disposal situations. The product is all natural, non-toxic, and completely biodegradable! 2 Cu Ft Bag

  • Vermiculite (CEP_VERM4)


    Vermiculite - 4 cubic ft bag These sorbents are ideal for solidification, packaging, and incineration.  100% Natural product, mined from the earth. Product will not burn.