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  • Absorb N Dry (CEP_FLAB50)

    Absorb N Dry

    This traditional clay based absorbent is still very cost effective and is ideally suited for industrial plant every day spills. The granular mesh size creates a safe non-slip work area. (50lbs bag)

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  • Cheetah Sorb (CEP_TS20)

    Cheetah Sorb

    Give your oil absorbent "Cheetah Power!" Cheetah Sorb - The Only Industrial Floor Oil Absorbent You'll Need! Many new oil absorbent technologies have come and gone. The #1 reason for market...

  • Curb Bags (CEP_DCBAG)

    Dandy Curb Bags

    Unique patented design keeps silt, sediment, and debris out of storm systems Designed to quickly conform to the shape of the curb Built-in protective overflow design Reduces or eliminates the need...

  • Hazardous Waste Can (CEP_933-FL)

    Hazardous Waste Can

    Eagle Poly Oily Waste Cans are constructed of red high density polyethylene (HDPE) and offer fire safe temporary storage of solvent rags, waste rags, shavings and other materials subject to...

  • Kenaf Organic Absorbent (CEP_KENAF2)

    Kenaf Organic Absorbent

    Kenaf Bio-Sorb granular absorbent has indigenous oil eating microbes that solve many long-term spill disposal situations. The product is all natural, non-toxic, and completely biodegradable! 2...

  • King Sorbent Pad 30 x 30

    Part # P50Description: King Sorbent PadDimensions: 30" x 30"Qty 50/caseAbsorbency: 44 GallonsPer Skid 15 CEP has a variety of oil only sorbents for all your industrial maintenance needs! CEP pure...

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  • Medium Weight Meltdown Pads

    Medium Weight Meltdown Pads

    Part # EP100Description: Medium WeightDimensions: 15" x 17"Quantity: 100/caseAbsorbency: 19 GallonsPer Skid: 42 CEP has a variety of oil only sorbents for all your industrial maintenance needs! CEP...

  • Drain Protector (CEP_DC2SQUARE)

    Square Drain Protector

    The DrainProtector II is a  reversible safety seal. The pad is constructed of a solid tacky urethane product with no fillers that delivers a tough, durable seal using either side. Due to its...

  • Ultra-Drain Guard

    he Ultra-Drain Guard is engineered to filter stormwater waste before it becomes a problem in the water system. As a storm drain filter, it removes contaminants like litter, sand, and oil from...